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The greatest compliment we can recieve is a patient referral. These are a few stories from loyal patients. We hope to add yours here as well in near future.

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Dr. Bryce Darden has become my regular dentist after having his father (Dr. Ron Darden) as my primary dentist for almost 40 years! Dr. Bryce has inherited his Dad’s friendly demeanor and attention to detail, which has been great since I’ve needed many different procedures over the years. I can easily say that the service I’ve received from both father and son (and the whole office staff) has been excellent! Highly recommended!

Don T

Dr. Bryce is truly the best Dentist I have ever been to. To say their staff is friendly is simply an understatement, as I have never felt so welcomed in any medical facility or business for that matter. Professionalism is clearly the objective at this location, and I drive 30 minutes to see Dr. Bryce (and Dr. Darden Sr.) because I have grown accustomed to feeling like I matter to a Dr. My list of procedures: Teeth cleaning, referral for wisdom teeth extraction, 8 cavity replacement, temporary teeth, four veneers (front teeth, cosmetic), teeth whitening, chipped teeth that he came in on the weekend to fix, and this is not including my wife’s work (root canals, etc.). Do not go anywhere else, as nobody measures up!

Jason D

Okay so I’m sure I’m not the only one that dislikes going to the dentist or at least that was my feeling before I went to see Dr. Bryce Darden. He and his staff put my fears at ease and took fantastic care of me. They informed me of what was going to take place every step of the way. Thank you to Dr. Bryce and his staff you guys are the best, I’m actually looking forward to my next appointment.

Michael M

My husband and I love Dr. Darden and his staff and believe he is a GREAT dentist.  He was recommended by many of my co-workers many years ago and we have always been happy we took the recommendation. They are very personable and professional.  We have both had several dental needs taken care of, from replacing old fillings to implants.  In every instance we were shown the x-ray right after it was taken on the computer screen where we were sitting.  It was thoroughly explained to each of us. In a few instances we were given options and then each was explained and why each one had its strengths or weaknesses so we could make an educated decision.

We were with Dr Darden for several years before I decided to retire and we chose to move  to Payson, AZ, a small mountain town north of Phoenix.  We continued to have dental care provided through my employer after my retirement for a year.  We chose to continue to use Dr. Darden and have made several 800+ mile round-trips to see him because of the outstanding care he and his staff routinely have given us.

Dr. Darden is meticulous with his work and wants his finished project to be perfect.  We are thrilled with this.  I have had cavities filled that are too high or that have fallen out in the past with other dentists and that just sends you back to have it corrected.  Rushing through a procedure only saves you time initially, but costs time in the end when it needs to be remedied. What we always liked about Dr. Darden is that he is always looking to find a way to avoid potentially more serious and expensive work in the future.  We are always for that.  Take care of a smaller problem before it becomes a bigger one.  As far as getting enough pain medication, he has never refused me more.  My metabolism goes through pain medication very fast and I often need more many times through a procedure.  He has always been very cheerful about complying with my request.

Again, we love Dr Darden and his staff and plan to have him care for our teeth for as long as we can make the drive from Arizona. By the way, the staff is like a family and we always feel like we are coming home.  There is so much laughter and caring in the office.

Vicki and Walter C

I’ve been going to Dr. Darden’s office for over a decade. He and his staff always make you feel welcome. Dr. Darden and his hygienists consistently do a great job and are very professional. Highly recommended!

Brady H

I have known Dr Bryce since he was a child. His father, a High School classmate of mine, has been my Dentist for 40 years. Since Dr Ron has retired Bryce has been my Dentist. At first I wondered about 2nd generation children. Let me tell you Bryce has far exceeded my expectations. He is gentle, efficient and professional. My only comparison is his Dad. The 2nd generation has far exceeded the first. As it should be. I feel honored to be associated with this wonderful Team and family.

David L